DVS Student Council


Teaching Fellow:  Christopher Rodriguez*
DMA: Hyejin Lee
MM: Sunyoung Kim
Undergraduate Student/Performance Major: Sorrel McCarthy
Undergraduate Student/Concentration: Talitha Murphy
Undergraduate Student: Xavier Howard*
Social Chair: 
Undergraduate First-Year Representative: Lauren Abell
International Student Representative**: Kyu Yim Lee
* - Co-Chair of the Student Council 
**-The International Student Representative may be an undergraduate or graduate student.  There may be multiple international students on the council, but this position should remain filled in any case. 

Contact e-mail:  DVSStudentCouncil@unt.edu


The mission of the Division of Vocal Studies Student Council is to provide a representative body for students in the Division of Vocal Studies.  Students of voice in the University of North Texas College of Music may express ideas, questions, and concerns regarding policy, curriculum, and other issues that impact them to the Student Council.  The Student Council will provide ideas and feedback to the Division Chair and voice faculty, and advocacy for the students enrolled in applied lessons in the Division of Vocal Studies. 


The membership of the DVS Student Council will usually consist of 5 undergraduate students, 3 graduate students, and 1 international student representative (undergraduate or graduate).  The international student representative position should be filled each year and does not in any way limit the possibility of multiple international students serving on the council.  Typically, Dean’s Student Advisory Council representatives from the Division of Vocal Studies serve as Co-Chairs of the DVS Student Council.  Students may only serve one year on the Dean's Student Advisory Council.  The Co-Chairs have largely organizational duties, e.g., planning meetings.  Each member should have an equal voice in meetings and should have a turn to speak with faculty during joint student-faculty meetings. Students may serve on the council for up to two years. 


The DVS Student Council will meet for 30 minutes once every three weeks, at a minimum.  The Division Chair and other invited faculty when appropriate will be in attendance.  Council members will be invited to attend a portion or all of a Division meeting at least once per year. Meeting agendas should be the result of a shared dialogue between students and faculty (when present). The Division Chair and/or other voice faculty may request that the DVS Student Council seek feedback on specific issues, and likewise, the DVS Student Council may request feedback from faculty on specific issues. 


Elections for open council positions (except for the first-year representative) will be held in April.  Students will self-nominate themselves to be candidates by sending an email to the Division Chair.  The DVS faculty will approve a slate of candidates from the self-nominations.  Division of Vocal Studies students will then receive a ballot for the appropriate level (graduate and/or undergraduate spots.)  The open positions will be filled according to the results of the student votes. 

First-year Representative:  The first-year representative is selected in a special election in late September.  

Election Procedure

The members of the Student Council are responsible for organizing and promoting the election, and for encouraging self-nominations.