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Upper Divisional Exam

Upper Divisional Exam

Upper Divisional Exam (UDE)

All undergraduate voice majors and concentrations must pass the Upper Divisional Exam (UDE) before advancing to the 3000 level of voice study. The jury of the fourth semester of study at the major or concentration level serves as the UDE. Students may neither postpone the UDE to a later semester nor take it before the fourth semester of study.*  

*Transfer students may take the exam in an earlier semester at the discretion of their teachers, but not earlier than the fourth semester of study overall and not later than their fourth semester at UNT.

If a student fails to pass the UDE, it may be attempted again after an appropriate period of additional study as recommended by the voice faculty.  Students who do not pass the exam on the second attempt are “disqualified” from the major or concentration.

In order to have a successful exam the student must show clear evidence of progress toward very good to excellent musical preparation and memorization with few, if any missteps: correct rhythms, pitches, text, diction, and musicality. They must demonstrate that they are developing the ability to sing in tune and with an appropriate use of a natural vibrato. There must be clear and regular evidence that the student is aware of and striving for the timbre appropriate for bel canto singing: chiaroscuro. There must also be clear evidence that the singer is developing their individual expressiveness as a musician, and are aware that singing requires a desire to communicate the meaning of the words being sung and can do so regularly.