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Reserving Your Recital Date

Reserving Your Recital Date

  1. Research available dates in Roomview, the COM online reservation system.
  2. Your professor (and committee, if applies) must agree with your date choice.
  3. Make sure no major ensemble events are occurring that could be an audience conflict.
    Example: Strings do not book against Symphony concerts, etc.
  4. Submit a “request” in Roomview once your booking date begins.

    Bookings begin - July for Fall, November for Spring and April for Summer. Only one request per student allowed. Make it count!
    PDF’s for entering recital requests and other information are on the Welcome to Roomview page.
    Use them! Includes recital times, venues to use, checking to tune a piano, adding video & more!

  5. Once your request is submitted you will receive an in-process email.
  6. Once your request is processed you will receive an instructional email.
    IMPORTANT – Mark your personal calendar with the deadline dates contained in this email.
    Requests not approved or additional payments not received will be removed without notice. When faculty approval, additional payments, if this applies, & recital forms are completed & received then your event will appear on the web calendar.



HOW TO VIEW MUSIC CALENDAR - http://calendar.music.unt.edu/

ROOMVIEW INSTRUCTIONS - http://calendar.music.unt.edu/pdf/Roomview-Instructions.pdf

HOW TO VIEW ROOMVIEW - http://calendar.music.unt.edu/roomview.php

WHERE TO MAKE A REQUEST - https://calendar.music.unt.edu/request.php
The Welcome Page is where the information and pdf’s you may need are located.

Please note that Roomview is also used to book rehearsals, dress rehearsals, meetings, receptions, exams, etc.