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Secondary Students in Voice

Secondary Students in Voice

MUAS 1503, 3503, 5503, 6503

Students who wish to enroll in secondary voice lessons should read this document carefully. Students are expected to understand and abide by these policies. Students who are unable or unwilling to abide by all of these policies should not enroll in secondary voice lessons. These policies are in addition to, not in place of, policies found in the general Voice Handbook.

Departmental Recitals

Departmental voice recitals are scheduled on Tuesdays at 3:00 pm. A departmental recital or other event is held almost every week.

Attendance at Voice Departmental Recitals is encouraged, but not required.


Secondary voice students must have three new selections memorized each semester. A variety of languages and style periods should be covered, but specific requirements are made at the discretion of the teacher.

Secondary Voice Proficiency Exam

Certain music majors with voice as a secondary instrument must pass the Secondary Voice Proficiency for graduation. Students who wish to attempt the proficiency exam without enrolling in voice should contact the Chair of the Division of Vocal Studies to schedule the exam.

Students majoring in vocal music education and have a concentration in keyboard, guitar, or harp are required to take at least four hours of Secondary Voice (two of 1503 and two of 3503). Students who expect to teach vocal music must pass the Voice Proficiency before applying for Student Teaching.

For these students, the panel will hear four selections, one each in English, Italian, German and French. These selections may come from any semester of study. They should also present a complete voice repertoire list, which should show at least twelve selections, with a minimum of two each in English, Italian, German, and French.

For other music education students who have an instrumental concentration and are required to take two semesters of Secondary Voice, the panel will evaluate the standard jury repertoire. Minimum requirements will include consideration of intonation, tone quality, diction, and general musicianship.

Limit on Secondary Study

Due to the high demand for secondary voice lessons, students will only be allowed to enroll in secondary voice lessons for a maximum of four long semesters.


(revised December, 2015)