Diction Resources for Graduate Students Reading Papers

Web pronunciation sound files
Web phonetic spellings or IPA
Books on pronouncing proper names and terms
  • Pronouncing Dictionary of Proper Names / John K. Bollard includes over 23,000 proper names, phonetics and IPA PE1137 .P822 1998
  • The Well-Tempered Announcer/ Robert A. Fradkin Good general reference, lots of information, index. ML109 .F73 1996
  • Pronouncing dictionary of musical terms includes works & composers,phonetic readings, no IPA ML109 .C59 Oxford Dictionary of Pronunciation (both UK and American) PE1137.U66 2001
  • Longman Pronunciation Dictionary / J.C. Wells IPA for both Amer and Brit PE1137 .W44 1990 Book is 1st ed.; for 3rd ed., see http://www.pearsonlongman.com/dictionaries/LPD/