All vocal performance and voice concentration students in the BM, BA, or MM degree programs are required to perform a jury, which serves as the final exam for applied lessons (valued at 50% of the grade), at the end of each semester, except in these situations:

  • first semester of voice lesson enrollment at UNT 
  • semester in which the student completes a degree recital (Junior, Senior, or MM Recital)
  • semester in which the student successfully petitions to use a principal role in the opera as a jury substitute
  • MUAC student using the 5th semester recital option

If a DMA student does not perform one of their required recitals in the course of a year (two consecutive long semesters) they are expected to perform a jury at the end of the second of those semesters. DMA students are encouraged to do their first recital within the first year of study.   

The jury will be approximately 6 to 8 minutes in length. Students will sing one selection of their choice and at least one selected by the faculty.  Students are allowed to record their juries, provided that doing so is not disruptive. The faculty may also record juries for archival purposes. Juries are closed to the public, including family and friends. 

When the student performs a jury, the semester grade will be determined by the following formula:  50% jury grade, 50% studio grade.  The studio grade should not be more than 10 points lower or higher than the jury average.  Teachers do not grade their own students' juries.  If a student is not able to successfully perform both selections during the jury, the highest grade possible for the semester is a C.  Any falsification of the jury repertoire list or other jury form is against the rules of academic integrity and at a minimum is grounds for a failing grade (“F”) in voice for the semester. Any student found guilty of intentionally falsifying repertory could also be subject to disciplinary action from the Dean of Students office of the university. A grade of “I” (“Incomplete”) will only be given for verified reasons and with permission of the major professor. 

Repertoire Requirements For Voice Juries - Vocal Performance and Voice Concentration:

MUAM, MUAC 1503  (students who have not yet passed the Upper Divisional Exam, or UDE):     Minimum of four selections, memorized*  

MUAM, MUAC 3503, 5503, 6503  (post-UDE undergraduates, MM, and DMA):    Minimum of five selections, memorized* 

  • Students may offer no more than one musical theater song per jury. Students who elect to offer a musical theater selection may not use it as their first, chosen piece.
  • Students whose semester repertoire is lower than required will have their SEMESTER grade lowered by two full letter grades. (i.e. a grade of “A” becomes a “C”, a “B” becomes a “D”, etc.)
  • If a student lists a piece on their jury and is unable to perform it by memory even though they indicated that it is memorized, it will be considered an act of academic dishonesty. An automatic grade of ‘F’ will be assigned for the semester.
  • Juniors and seniors may include ONE duet as part of their jury repertoire. However, they may not start with the duet.
  • *One solo from a major choral/orchestral work (oratorio, mass, etc.) may be sung with score. The student may not choose this piece as their first selection. 

Major Opera Role and/or Opera Role and Concert Solo Substitution Option:  Undergraduate and MM students ONLY 

For students in the undergraduate or MM degree program, a leading role with UNT Opera, or a combination of a supporting role with a significant concert solo (at a UNT-sponsored event), may be substituted for a jury (not a Upper Divisional or Proficiency Exam) one time per academic year.  Students wishing to do so must petition the Division of Vocal Studies faculty no later than November 1 in the fall semester and April 1 in the spring semester.  

To petition:  The student must first gain approval from the Studio Teacher.  If approved, the student will then send an e-mail to the Chair, cc:ing the Studio Teacher, requesting a release from the jury requirement.  The Chair will then take the petition to the DVS faculty for an approval by majority vote.  The jury waiver is for scenarios when a role will - through its demands - need to dominate the semester from a vocal standpoint.  

DMA students may not substitute an opera role for a jury. 

Recital Option for Fifth-semester Voice Concentration Students

In their fifth semester of study, Voice Concentration students may substitute a junior recital for a jury.  Repertoire requirements for a Vocal Studies junior recital are listed under the Required Recitals tab of this handbook.  Students must e-mail the Division Chair (and cc: the studio teacher) to request this substitution.  A faculty member must be present at the recital or review a video recording of the recital.  The recital must be completed and approved by a faculty member no later than the Friday before jury week.  Due to accreditation requirements, Voice Concentration students may not substitute a recital for a Proficiency Exam.