Labs and Ensembles


MUEN ensembles include: UNT Opera, Vox Aquilae, Mariachi Aguilas, Vocal Jazz, and NOVA.

MULB laboratories (classical voice) include: A Cappella choir, Concert Choir, Camerata, Chorale, University Singers, and Grand Chorus.  

Students enrolled in MUAM and MUAC voice lessons should consult with their studio teacher before accepting multiple choir (MULB and/or MUEN) assignments.  

Undergraduate Students - Labs and Ensembles 

All undergraduate vocal performance and choral music education students must complete a choir placement audition for the academic year, and participate in a choir determined by the choral studies faculty through the eighth semester of study.  BM in Music Composition and BA students may satisfy this requirement with classical choir or another lab.  BA students are required to complete six semesters of ensemble participation rather than eight semesters.

Students will remain in the ensemble into which they placed for the entire academic year, pending the ensemble director’s approval or graduation.  

Beginning with the ninth semester, assuming the mandated eight semesters of auditioned choral MULB participation has been completed for the degree, vocal performance majors may also enroll in one of the following MULB/MUEN to fulfill the MULB requirement, pending approval of the director for each lab or ensemble: 

A Cappella                     Accompanying               Concert Choir                  Kalandra                        Mariachi Aguilas            
NOVA ensemble            UNT Opera                    University Singers           Vox Aquilae                    Vocal Jazz 

For the purposes of planning, students returning for a ninth semester will be asked, at the end of the eighth semester, to notify the Director of Choral Studies if they do not plan to return to their current auditioned choir.

Graduate Vocal Performance Majors - Labs and Ensembles

Two credits of ensemble (MUEN) and one credit of a lab (MULB) are required of all MM vocal performance majors.  MM students may substitute, with the approval of the ensemble director, two credits of Vox Aquilae for the one credit MULB requirement. 

DMA students on a College of Music scholarship are eligible for zero credit for MULB/MUEN.  After the MULB/MUCM/MUEN requirements have been met, students either register for MULB/MUCM/MUEN for elective credit or they may elect to register for zero credit. Doctoral students without a College of Music scholarship are eligible for zero credit by petition only.   GAC - Voice students are required to have 2-4 total credits of MUEN in order to receive their certificate. 

Standard Leaves of Absence from Choir Rehearsals for Opera Roles and Degree Recitals 

The standard excused leave of absence from choir rehearsals for voice majors (undergraduate and graduate) performing leading opera roles with UNT Opera is two weeks (the week leading into tech weekend through the end of the first performance week.)  

The standard excused leave of absence from choir rehearsals for a degree recital (senior or graduate) will be three days:  the day of the recital, and two days prior.  (Examples:  If the recital falls on a Saturday, the excused days will be Thursday and Friday.   If the recital falls on a Wednesday, the excused days will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.) 

The standard excused leave of absence from choir rehearsal for a junior recital (Performance or Concentration students) is one day (the day of the recital.)   

Students must inform their choir director at the earliest possible time about their recital date.  At the beginning of each semester, the choral directors may release a list of “blackout dates” leading up to performances which will not be subject to the excused leave of absence policy.  Students should avoid scheduling a recital during those blackout dates, as they will not receive the standard leave of absence for their recital if they book the recital during the blackout dates.  These dates will be e-mailed to applied voice instructors and included in the syllabus. 

Grand Chorus (spring semester only)  

Rehearsals for Grand Chorus repertoire will generally take place during regular Tuesday choir times throughout the spring semester, and Monday-Friday for each choir, after their individual spring concert has been performed.  

Alongside the two dress rehearsals of performance week, there will typically be up to two Tuesday evening rehearsals, post-spring break.  Please see the 2024 schedule that follows.  

MM students fulfilling their MULB requirement through Grand Chorus will be required to begin rehearsing with A Cappella Choir during their daily 1:00-1:50 rehearsals mid-semester. The specific start date and detailed calendar for the Grand Chorus project will be e-mailed to those students by the Dr. Hightower at the beginning of the spring semester. 

MM students may also fulfill their MULB requirement by serving a year-long commitment to Vox Aquilae, with the approval of the ensemble director.

2024 Grand Chorus Schedule:

Monday, March 25th:  Grand Chorus rehearsals begin, Monday-Friday, 1:00 - 1:50 p.m. 

Tuesday evening Grand Chorus rehearsals (no 1:00 rehearsal on these days):

Tuesday, April 2 6:00-8:00 pm

Tuesday, April 9 6:00-8:00 pm

Tuesday, April 16 6:00-8:00 pm

Combined Chorus/Soloists/Orchestra rehearsals:
Sunday, April 21 (7-10) 
Tuesday, April 23 (7-10)
Performance: Wednesday, April 26, 2023 7:30 p.m.   Call time announced closer to the event.