Jury, UDE/Proficiency, and DMA Recital Forms

Students will fill out all jury forms on CANVAS.   

Note: both singer and pianist must be ready at the jury location 10 minutes before their posted time.  

Each student must fill out the jury form completely and correctly. Titles and composer’s names must be correctly spelled with all diacritical markings found in some foreign languages. Jury repertoire lists must reflect repertoire assigned and prepared that semester. The student’s voice teacher must approve the list and sign on the jury form prior to the jury. Students whose repertoire list is not so certified will not be allowed to do their jury for the semester.

Faculty members will write comments and give a grade based on the jury performance. The jury comment will be available to the students in their CANVAS voice jury assignment. In the case of a “negative result” (such as failure of the UDE or Concentration Proficiency Exam) the teacher must retain the original comments and have them placed in the student’s file in the Advising Office. Copies may be given to students.