Collaborative Pianists

Students are expected to contract the services of a pianist for their lessons and juries. While it is most common for students to locate and pay their pianists themselves, it may be possible for a pianist to be provided for some voice students for a semester either through TF accompanying loads or through the Accompanying Lab.


Voice students at all levels are expected to practice a minimum of three hours per week PER CREDIT HOUR of voice. This includes work on translations, and musical study.

Practice rooms in the North and South Practice Buildings are open to all music students. Students should not expect to use Music Building rooms for practice or rehearsals, although arrangements can be made in the Copy Room for practice sessions that do not interfere with other schedule College of Music activities.



Students are required to schedule their private lessons with their assigned teacher no later than the first full week of classes, or risk being dropped from lessons for the semester.

About this Handbook

This handbook serves as the general guidline and syllabus for all courses and sections of studio voice. Any requirements in the syllabi for individual teachers are in addition to those found in this document. This document is subject to revision; therefore the policies contained herein are considered applicable for the 2017-2018 academic year only. This document should in no way be construed to supersede UNT or College of Music policies.


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