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Semester Repertoire Requirements

Semester Repertoire Requirements


The acquisition of a substantial body of repertory in several languages is an important part of the study of voice. Specific requirements vary depending upon the degree and the classification of the singer. It is assumed that song repertory studied and listed on the repertory sheet, which will be presented at the time of the jury, is new to the student in that semester: it has not been performed on previous juries –even in a previous degree or at another institution, it has not been included on prior repertory sheets even if not performed, and has never been sung on a degree recital.

Majors and Concentrations
Freshman year          Minimum of four memorized selections* each semester.
Sophomore year        Minimum of five memorized selections* each semester.
Junior year                 Minimum of six memorized selections* each semester.
Senior year†               Minimum of six memorized selections* each semester.

†Only vocal performance majors continue vocal study in the senior year
*One solo from a major choral/orchestral work (oratorio, mass, etc.) may be sung with score. This selection should NOT be the student’s choice at the jury.

Students who do not satisfy minimum repertory requirements will be penalized by having their semester final grade lowered by two full letter grades. (i.e. a grade of “A” becomes a “C”; a “B” becomes a “D”, etc.)


MASTER’S STUDENTS:  Repertoire assigned at the discretion of the voice teacher.

DOCTORAL STUDENTS:  Repertoire assigned at the discretion of the voice teacher