Continuous Enrollment

It is expected that all undergraduate and master’s voice majors and concentrations will enroll in voice each long semester until their requirements are met (either by completing the senior or master’s recital for performance majors or the concentration proficiency for concentrations.) Students who fail to receive a passing grade (i.e. other than “I”, “W”, “WF” or “F”) for two long semesters may be required to re-audition for acceptance as a voice major or concentration.


A grade of “I” (“Incomplete”) will only be given for verified medical reasons with permission of the major professor. Make up juries will be held on the Tuesday afternoon immediately following jury week. If the student is still not capable of completing the exam they will sing the jury at the first departmental date at the beginning of the following semester. Make-up juries may not be done after these dates.

Grades and Juries

Juries - General Information 

All Undergraduate and Master’s degree students enrolled in voice lessons are required to perform a jury at the end of each semester, except the semester in which the student completes a degree recital (the required Junior, Senior, or MM recital) or recital option for fifth-semester Concentration students described below.  

Studio Class

Faculty studio classes are scheduled on Tuesdays from 3:00 - 3:50 p.m. Teaching Fellow studio classes will be scheduled at other times. While individual studio attendance policies may vary, students should not ask to be excused from these classes, as they are considered an essential component of voice training.

Voice Board

Current information and announcements for voice students will be posted on the division bulletin board across from Room 216 (near the Choir Room). Voice students are responsible for information posted on this board. Announcements of job openings, competitions, recitals, etc., will be posted on this board. Please check this board frequently.

Collaborative Pianists

Students are expected to contract the services of a pianist for their lessons and juries. While it is most common for students to locate and pay their pianists themselves, it may be possible for a pianist to be provided for some voice students for a semester either through TF accompanying loads or through the Accompanying Lab.


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