Employment and Musical Participation

It is expected that voice students will seek appropriate outside employment singing and teaching voice once they are properly prepared to do so. Students are encouraged to get the approval of their teachers BEFORE accepting such employment. Students should consult with their teachers before accepting any public appearance, whether paid or not, or participating in any musical organization, either on or off-campus. The caution expressed in this position stems from the concern that a student may become overcomitted and hinder thier academic and performance progress in doing so.

Changing Voice Teachers

Changing Teacher/Major Professor (College of Music Faculty Handbook, 8.16)

The College of Music recognizes the individual rights of all students to act independently in the pursuit of knowledge and to seek varying points of view. Students have the right to change teachers for the types of study listed above, but should follow the recommended procedure:

Final Comprehensive Examination Guidelines - Doctor of Musical Arts - Voice Performance

All DMA students are advised to read and consult the College of Music DMA handbook throughout the course of their program. The student has sole responsibility for understanding and abiding by policy and procedures contained therein:


Students completing the Doctor of Musical Arts in Voice Performance must pass written and oral comprehensive examinations.

Program Notes

All degree recitals require written program notes. Notes will reflect a degree-appropriate level of scholarship and will indicate any sources referenced in footnotes or a bibliography. Approximately two paragraphs per group are expected. Program notes will also include original language texts and English translations, noting the source for the translation. DMA students who are performing an opera role in fulfillment of one of the DMA recitals will be expected to write program notes for the performance as well. 

DMA Recital Requirements

DMA students who are performing recitals must include detailed program notes and accurate translations.  They must also, similar to the jury process, pick up a repertoire form and comment sheets, giving those (once filled out) to the major professor.  The major professor will hand the comment sheets to the recital committee members before the recital.  If a recital committee member is not present, it will be the student's responsibility to make sure the absent committee member receives a copy of the form to fill out.  

Vocal Performance as a Related Field

Graduate students pursuing the MM in conducting may do their related field in vocal performance. Interested students must past an entrance audition. 9 hours selected from appropriate courses including MUAC 5503 applied instruction (6 hours) and additional 3 hours selected from: MUAG 5640 – Operatic Acting, MUAG 5650 – Opera Stage Direction, MUEN 5040 Graduate Opera Theater. There is no required recital but a regular jury will be taken for every semester of applied vocal study. Refer to the College of Music Graduate catalogue.


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