Jury Repertoire Requirements

Repertoire Requirements For Voice Juries (Performance, Concentration, BA):

FRESHMEN and SOPHOMORES  — Minimum of four selections, memorized* each semester

JUNIORS, SENIORS, MM, and DMA — Minimum of five selections, memorized* each semester

* One solo from a major choral/orchestral work (oratorio, mass, etc.) may be sung with score. The student may not choose this piece as their first selection.

Vocal Workshop For High School Singers

International opera singers and UNT faculty Molly Fillmore (Metropolitan Opera, Cologne Opera) and William Joyner (La Scala, Paris Opera) are offering a workshop designed for the serious high school singer to help refine solo pieces for auditions and competitions. Participants will receive feedback on presentation, technique, diction, and interpretation.

January 2019
Voertman Recital Hall
UNT College of Music

Participant fee (includes one guest) $15

To enroll, complete the workshop registration through Acceptd:

Teaching Fellow Travel Policy

Any absence from assigned teaching duties must be discussed with the chair at least two months before the expected absence. Sometimes opportunities arise unexpectedly, but suitable notice is required so that the integrity of the commitment from the UNT College of Music to our students is maintained.

Student Travel Grants

There is the opportunity to apply for a travel grant to support important professional opportunities for full-time undergraduate and graduate students.  The online travel funding request form for College of Music students can be found here:


Click on the link in the bottom right to submit a new request. 

For more information about graduate funding, please go to:

Off-Campus Recitals


After reviewing the NASM requirements regarding documentation of undergraduate degree recitals, it was determined that the College of Music is not required to archive recordings of undergraduate recitals. Therefore if a student chooses, and is approved by faculty, to hold their Senior degree recital off-campus, they do not have to provide a copy of their recital recording for records.


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