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Teaching Fellowships

Teaching Fellowships


  1. The deadline for submitting 2019-2020 Teaching Fellowship Application materials for both current and prospective students is JANUARY 11, 2019.  The following application materials must be uploaded to the College of Music Admission site (Acceptd):
    • current resume.
    • 750 - 900 word teaching philosophy.
    • 30’ video recording of a lesson, including both vocal exercises and the coaching of repertoire.
  2. Applicants are strongly encouraged to work with an advanced high school senior or first or second-year undergraduate student for their sample lesson. 
  3. Faculty will individually choose their top five applicants, ranking them 1-5, with 1 being the best score. Rankings will be turned in to the Division Chair by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday following the last audition day.
  4. Within one week of the last audition date, the voice faculty will meet to discuss the results of the ranking and choose those who will be awarded a Teaching Fellowship.
  5. DMA applicants who are awarded a Teaching Fellowship will be eligible to retain the fellowship for a maximum of the first three years* of their doctoral study. 
  6. Current DMA students who are awarded a Teaching Fellow will be eligible to retain the fellowship up through their third year* of doctoral study, i.e., one or two years.

    *It is assumed these will be consecutive years.

  7. Any absence from assigned teaching duties must be discussed with the chair at least two months before the expected absence. Sometimes opportunities arise unexpectedly, but suitable notice is required so that the integrity of the commitment from the UNT College of Music to our students is maintained.