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DMA Recital Requirements

DMA Recital Requirements

DMA students who are performing recitals must include detailed program notes and accurate translations.  They must also, similar to the jury process, pick up a repertoire form and comment sheets, giving those (once filled out) to the major professor.  The major professor will hand the comment sheets to the recital committee members before the recital.  If a recital committee member is not present, it will be the student's responsibility to make sure the absent committee member receives a copy of the form to fill out.  

Once the recital is completed, the major professor will collect the forms, enter the appropriate scores into the scoring rubric, and turn it into the office of the Administrative Assistant.  

DMA students must complete either a recital or a jury be the end of the two long semesters in an academic year.  

Doctoral students should consult the DMA Handbook for additional requirements. Information regarding counting an opera role for a recital and the necessary procedure to do so will be found in that document as well.