Concerto Competition

Current Concerto Competition Rules: (Conducting and Ensembles)

  1. Each student must complete a Concerto Competition Materials Acquisition form.
  2. Total duration of selection should be less than 10 minutes
  3. Voice Division will be limited to 5 finalists
  4. Past winners of the competition (as a solo performer) may not compete again as a soloist, regardless of any change in status or degree program.
  5. Previous (solo) winners may compete as part of a double (or other multiple) concerto, as long as one entire academic year has passed since the student’s previous successful attempt.

Additional Guidelines for the Vocal Division Preliminary Round.

  1. The voice faculty will serve as the panel for the initial round of competition. This will take place during a departmental. Half of the participants, up to a limit of 10, will advance to the division finals.
  2. A single judge will be invited to judge the final round. A maximum number of 5 students will be sent forward to the College finals. Historically, the judge also presents a Master Class with the advancing singers, between the competition and before the College wide finals.
  3. All selections must be substantial in length, including orchestral introductions, interludes, and postludes. (greater than 5 minutes in length is suggested)
  4. Both graduate and undergraduate students who are qualified may compete.
  5. Students who have completed all degree requirements in a previous semester will not be allowed to compete even though they may be enrolled in voice.
  6. Students may not enter with repertoire previously performed by that student with orchestra in a UNT performance, e.g., Opera Theater, regardless of change of status or degree program.
  7. Division Faculty may choose different genres of repertoire to be the focus from year to year for the Competition, e.g., song repertoire, oratorio repertoire, operatic repertoire, etc.