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Voice Concentration Proficiency Exam

Voice Concentration Proficiency Exam

Voice concentrations are expected to complete the Concentration Proficiency Exam at the end of their sixth semester of voice study. The exam is in lieu of the regular jury, but occurs during jury week. Students prepare eight memorized selections, two each in English, Italian, German, and French. They will sing one selection of their choice, and three of the panel’s choice, for a total of one selection in each language.

The student must also present a list of all repertoire they have learned during their study in the degree: 30 selections total: minimum of 5 selections in English, Italian, German, and French.

The repertory presented for the exam does not have to be newly assigned for that semester, but can include music learned in the previous semesters as well. Students who do not pass the Concentration Proficiency Exam may retake the exam after an appropriate period of additional study as recommended by the voice faculty.

In order to have a successful exam the student must show clear evidence of very good to excellent musical preparation and memorization with few, if any missteps: correct rhythms, pitches, text, diction, and musicality. They must demonstrate that they sing consistently in tune and with an appropriate use of a natural vibrato. There must be clear and regular evidence in all selections that the student is able to produce a voice that demonstrates the timbre appropriate for bel canto singing: chiaroscuro. There must also be clear evidence that the singer is committed to a stylistically appropriate interpretation of each piece, with the ability to convincingly communicate the meaning of the words being sung as well as the musical phrase.