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Undergraduate Guidelines

Undergraduate Guidelines 

All undergraduate voice performance majors and music education majors with their concentration in voice are required to take four semesters of foreign language diction. Vocal performance majors are required to take a total of two years of foreign language study, with Italian as the required first language. There is no conversational language requirement for Music Education majors.

All incoming freshman are required to take English Diction in their first semester of study. Vocal Performance majors are required to enroll in the first semester of conversational Italian language studies in their first semester of study as well. All undergraduates must take Italian diction in their second semester of their freshman year. Vocal Performance majors will take the second semester of conversational Italian in the second semester of their freshman year.

In the sophomore year vocal performance majors will begin foreign language study in the second required language, either French or German.  Vocal performance majors may, in their sophomore year, take either one semester of French and one semester of German (recommended), or two semesters of French or German.  

Music education majors with a concentration in voice will take the remaining two semester of diction (German and then French in that order) in the sophomore year so that all dictions have been completed when they attempt the upper divisional exam at the end of the sophomore year.